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...Building an equitable society one organization at a time...

This is our story...

After more than a decade working with organizations, both public and private, build their internal capacity and improve their processes to welcome a diverse workforce, and serve a multicultural clientele, Dr. Ngezaho was convinced that with changing demographics, as a result of a continuously interconnecting world, focusing on diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) was no longer a matter of choice for organizations of the future, but DEI has to be an integral part of every organization's strategic, short and long term plans. Thus, he founded the Center for Restorative Justice Practices five years ago. His vision is to help center diversity, equity, and inclusion, as the cornerstone of healthy and forward looking organizations.

...Building an equitable society one

organization at a time...

At the Center for Restorative Justice Practices, we strive to provide institutions and organizations (Academic, Corporate, Governmental...) with trainings and consulting services, to help build and sustain a working environment and culture founded on DIVERSITY, EQUITY,and INCLUSION, which strengthen relationships, improve communication, build trust, and increase connectivity, productivity, and excellence.

Our Team of Experts 

Although we come from different industries, backgrounds, professions, practices, as a working network of professionals, we are united by a desire to use our area expertise in order to help create an equitably inclusive, community, society, and world.

Dr. Gloria  Ngezaho


​Dr. Ngezaho brings to the DEI field more than a decade work experience at the executive level. He has worked with leaders, and with organizations to make positive impact, so organizations can be better positioned for diversity, equity, inclusion, and success in a changing business environment.

Candice Vickers

DEI Expert/Partner

A PhD candidate, Candice has more than decade experience working to advance diversity, equity and inclusion, both within public and private organizations. Candice has more than a decade experience in  Culturally Responsive Behavior Interventions, advocacy and Supports.

Tina Semko

DEI Expert/Partner

Tina is a committed, and dedicated change agent, who continues to have a greater impact as far as DEI is concerned. She has and continues to advocate for equitable health access to communities of color. Her passion for change is what inspired Tina to Co-found healthequity partners.

Kristy LaFollette

DEI Expert/Partner

Kristy is the Co-Founder of healthequity partners. She is delighted to be student and steward of what it takes to create happier and healthier workplaces. She brings years of DEI work, which has partly influenced her decision to focus more on improving people’s lives through people.

Dr. Koffi Dessou

DEI Expert/Partner

Director of the City of Portland office of equity and human rights, Dr. Dessou created the City's equity training and education program; designed and co-facilitated training sessions; provides technical support for bureau directors, equity committees and managers; and represents the office to work with the City’s senior staff and Commissioners' offices on various matters related to diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Sandrine Karangwa


An accountant by profession, Sandrine comes from a business world, where through being of service to others, has developed great interest in the field of diversity, equity, and inclusion. Sandrine is dedicated to working to improve how institutions, both public and private, create working and learning environment that is welcoming to people of different backgrounds and experiences.

Catherine Malinis

DEI Expert/Partner

A great advocate for access to resources, especially for the youth, Catherine Malinis continues to use her expertise, network, and experiences working in executive positions across many different fields, to help both advocate for diversity, equity, and inclusion, and to advance change within every organization she has worked with and for. She brings decades of leadership experience around DEI.

Yeruwelle de Rouen

DEI Expert/Partner

An experienced trainer in  diversity, equity, and inclusion, Yeruwelle, brings a wealth of experience in the field of DEI, with greater emphasis on creating a culture that support diversity. She has spent a decade plus advocating for diversity, equity, and inclusion at the leadership levels, holding director positions at Girls Inc, Portland State University, Oregon State University, and City of Portland.


Why focus on DIVERSITY, EQUITY, and INCLUSION? Because it matters that we have working systems and institutions/organizations serving the interests of all citizens restoratively and equitably.

Dr. Gloria Ngezaho, CRJP